The EpiPGX Group

The EpiPGX consortium consists of 15 participating institutions based in different EU member states. EpiPGX is a unique project which brings together renowned scientists from various academic institutions and SMEs throughout Europe. The purpose of the project is to identify genome-based biomarkers for use in clinical practice to individualise treatment of epilepsy, and stratify patients for clinical trials, aiming to avoid chronicity, prevent relapse and reduce adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The project will use genome-wide analyses, including next-generation sequencing, in large, well-phenotyped patient cohorts to identify genome-based biomarkers, to improve use of current antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) and identify new therapy targets. SMEs, which are central to this project, will be able to take the data forward for development of clinical tests.

consortium EpiPGX

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